Collages made with hospice teams:

This is documentation of the directive for a particular team exercise along with
an image of the collage created with the individual pieces.

Paper Collage with LTC team 7-26-04

Team made paper collage. The exercise involved four steps. Below are the “team” collage and the team comments about the process.

Materials: Tagboard and Mulbury paper in many colors, glue sticks.

1. Think about something that has been weighing on your mind. A preoccupation, a worry. Whatever. Decide what color that something would be and choose a piece of paper that color. Tear it up.

2. Think about a time in your life when everything seemed to fall into place. A time when things just went right without you even trying. It can be a time as a child or adult. What color and shape would it be. Choose the color and make the shape by tearing the paper.

3. Now take the various pieces of paper and make a collage with them on a piece of tag board.

4. Discuss the works as much as the group wishes to.



• I’m glad you’ve already started on your “second career” as resident artist at hospice!! Thanks for sharing your talent & enthusiasm with us to start us thinking of ourselves as artists too!! Great time. Thanks

• My mind relaxed looking at my favorite colors. My collage means something to me. Thank you

• Although I was wary at first with the project. It was wonderful to work through & get insight into a wonderful project

• Thanks for your time—When I look at my picture, it looks like E________ is drowning. My intent was my favorite relaxation is the ocean & my great day was bringing Emmy home.

• Thank you. Enjoy very much

• My dad is an artist as well and I admire you for sharing your art with us as well as our patient. Thank you!!

• It was great exercise what we have done. It helped me to relieve some of problems & think about positive aspect. Thanks for the wonderful time.

• What fun thanks for coming & thanks for helping J___. I saw a big difference in her outlook.

• I think we need to take time out to be creative and use our right brain—even though we may not realize what happens to us if we don’t. Thanks for the opportunity and it allowed me to see what I was dealing with & what helps me & makes me happy!

• Thanks for everything you did—it helped bring a sense of team to us & felt good about the work.

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